Google Tools your business needs is one of the best improvements, in my opinion, Google has ever done. You always hear of all the animal name changes and how confusing they are. Even for seasoned veterans at times these changes bring on confusion and frustration. That’s why I’m so happy to see this new Google My Business platform making it at least somewhat easy to understand. With that being said you incorporate your Google+ and Google Places into one format. Once you set up your Google My Business you will need to understand the tools inside. Google Tools your business needs will help you run your business more efficiently.

If you missed my first Google My Business blog post you can view it here. It gives the reader an overview of  Google My Business and now I am going to write an overview of all Google Tools your business needs so please come back regularly to see the new posts!


Google Tools Help Build a Loyal Social Following with Google+

Google+ (called “Google Plus”) is Google’s social networking site. It is currently the 2nd largest social networking site (Facebook is #1), which makes it an essential component for online marketing.
With hundreds of millions of user accounts, Google+ is growing quite impressively not only as a social networking site, but as a powerful business tool as well.
A strong Google+ profile can contribute greatly to any successful SEO campaign. As a small business owner, a strong Google+ following and presence can bolster your website’s position in Google’s search engine results. Ranking well in organic search is crucial to driving targeted eager prospects to your website; and targeted leads usually convert the best.
For local businesses, Google even has a section where you can connect with more local consumers in your area. Your Google+ Business page can be managed by their listing management platform called “Google My Business,” (formerly known as Google+ Local and Google Places), which is tied into Google+. Google+ Business pages are intimately linked with Google Web Search; so any time and energy you invest into Google+ can definitely lead to more revenue.
Now is the time for companies across the globe to take advantage of Google+. However, many business owners are not quite sure about how to use this dynamic network to get more attention.

Google Plus

Here are a few tips to help:

  • Get more people to follow your Google+ page by asking them to follow you via a call-to-action that is added to any content you share.
  • Circle other profiles and pages; this will help to grow your own follower base because many of those you circle will circle you back. This works very well for getting more people in your immediate area to connect with your business.
  • Add a Google+ badge to your website or blog; this will let your visitors know you are on Google+ and prompt them to add you to their circles.
  • Interact with your followers and build relationships. People like to see a real person behind a business engaging with them. This builds trust and makes them feel more comfortable doing business with you.
  • Share your content in Google+ communities; this can expose your business to a wider-range of users. Just be sure to check the guidelines of the communities before sharing. In fact, create your own Google+ community to spark conversation surrounding your type of business.

Many business owners were skeptical about Google+’s ability to actually increase sales and exposure, it’s massive growth over the past few years has proven just how powerful Google can be. Go over to Google My Business and get your business listed NOW!

Don’t Be Skeptical, Get Your Business On Google My Business!

Don’t be a skeptic, the sooner you get started the faster your business will be able to take advantage of the massive power of Google and your business will reap the benefits of this amazing opportunity. If your still feeling a bit overwhelmed  I have a short booklet for you that will explain all ten Google Tools and help you utilize each one to grow your business.

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