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Stop spending a fortune on leads! Stop wasting money on lead generation software that doesn’t work or that is sold by sales people earning a HUGE commission on overpriced software — at YOUR expense! Just enter a keyword, and let Geek Meister’s Lead Master gather the BEST sales leads for you. Quickly generate thousands of hot, fresh, targeted LEADS — simply by entering a keyword and clicking “Start.” Learn more: Compile hundreds of thousands of leads throughout millions of popular niches at the push of a button. An inexhaustible supply! Compare to “similar-looking” software and you’ll quickly realize there’s no comparison. It is actually very difficult to get accurate leads using an automated software like this, which is why it has taken us so many refinements (hundreds) to get our algorithm and software to such high accuracy. Don’t be fooled by others presenting similar looking “features.” Anyone can place a faulty engine into the body of a hot sports car. It will still perform like it’s ready for the junk yard. Geek Meister’s Lead Master works fast, gathers the most leads, and is very accurate, and includes additional tools to “fine tune” your searches even further to pinpoint accuracy. The software also has a new easy-to-use lead verification feature to aid in FTC compliance, along with clean exports, consistent formatting, and simple, flexible settings to fine-tune your searches in numerous ways. It generates leads from engines, directories …

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