From Recycling to Wind Power, We’ll Do Anything for a Greener World

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While the Internet is integral to daily life, there’s no question that its impact on the environment hasn’t been entirely positive. This is why organizations like Greenpeace are always searching for internet companies that take up their corporate responsibility to the environment seriously, specifically by minimizing emissions, managing waste, and creating other green initiatives. As [...]

Hayes Local Marketing: You’ll Appreciate How We do Online Marketing

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You’ve probably encountered a few pushy salespersons who tried—in vain—to get you to buy whatever they’re selling without first making an attempt to understand your desires and actual needs. Our owner, Greg Greiman, can certainly relate to that. In the 30 years he’s been in business, however, Greg’s encounters with these self-serving salespersons were not [...]

Subscribe to Our Blog and Find More Reasons to Love Working with Us

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Hayes Local Marketing is a premier online marketing solutions provider and consultancy based in Chicago, IL. We love helping business owners go toe-to-toe with their competitors via a comprehensive online marketing strategy—and we’re pretty sure our clients love it as well. If you need to boost your online presence, then we’re the company you need. [...]

Five Reasons You Should Work with the Folks at Hayes Local Marketing

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With more than 30 years’ worth of experience managing a brick and mortar business, Hayes Local Marketing has one thing that other marketing companies don’t have: firsthand knowledge. We’ve seen how yellow pages and newspaper ads were superseded by internet marketing technologies over the years, and we’re glad to share what we’ve learned. […]

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