Local Search Ranking Factors

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Understanding the Recent Local Search Ranking Factors It's that time of year again, when the SEO experts over at Moz publish what's become the most authoritative report on the state of local search ranking factors for the year. The latest version came out in mid-October 2014, and uncovers several interesting insights you'll want to know [...]

Google Tools Your Business Needs

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http://youtu.be/U8b7s9GNUEI Google Tools your business needs is one of the best improvements, in my opinion, Google has ever done. You always hear of all the animal name changes and how confusing they are. Even for seasoned veterans at times these changes bring on confusion and frustration. That's why I'm so happy to see this new [...]

Google My Business

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  Have You Heard about Google My Business? http://youtu.be/3b04g5qdK8E   Google My Business is Google’s new platform for creating, managing, and monitoring business listings. It is a good first step for companies that are just getting started on the web; but it has also become the main, one-stop-shop dashboard for businesses that previously used Google+ [...]

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