Can your law firm be found by your potential clients today?

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Seventy-six percent of adults are seeking lawyers online. A study identified a four-stage search process for people looking for a lawyer.  They gather information about their legal issue; find a lawyer; validate a lawyer; and select a lawyer.  They use various online resources in all of these stages. How will they find you in all [...]

Claim, secure, and establish your brand today on social media, blogs and local directories before someone else does!

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Yes, the next most important thing to do to secure your brand after acquiring your domain name, is to also secure your account names and profiles on various web properties. Did you know that 93% of the world’s top 100 brands that had their matching Twitter handles owned by someone else at some point? This [...]

Let your Dental Practice be More Visible to your Potential Patients and Shine through Digital Marketing

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Let’s face it. Many people fear you.  Seventy five (75%) percent of adults experience some degree of dental fear, from mild to severe. Five to ten percent have dental phobia who avoid dental care at all costs. What is it with dentists? When people were asked to think about the last time they searched for [...]

Why We Are the Perfect SEO Solutions Provider for Your Business

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SEO providers will almost always claim that they are the perfect solution to your online marketing problems. Frankly, we do too! But only because we know we really are. Here's what sets us apart and why you should choose us. We understand the business side of SEO. You'll hear providers talk about SERPs, rankings, traffic, [...]

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