Directory Listings

Let’s talk about your directory listings. Got you tongue tied right ….. because you don’t know what to do? Go ahead and click on the Tongue Tied picture to find the directories your business is listed on and what ones are missing.

After you have a look at how well (or not) you do on the scan, come back to this page and we can talk about three different options you have to get the listings and citations  you need to drive your company  ahead of the competition.

Great! Your Back

So, let me ask ….. how did you do?

We have three options to help you build your directory presence.

  1. You can grab a copy of our book and do the entire thing yourself. This would be the option that would cost almost nothing except a tremendous amount of time and effort.
  2. We can list your business with the top four listings aggregators Neustar/Localeze, factual, Acxiom and Infogroup.  As a business, you can not afford to have the wrong information on even one of these major data providers. This incorrect information will be distributed to literally hundreds of online sources including review sites, directories, social sites, search engines, GPS services and more.
  3. We have an amazing package that not only includes directory listings but if you have always wanted to get involved with social media and reviews and were afraid to ask for help or just plain intimidated by all the information available, we can help you big time with all of that.

Whatever fits into your business plan give me a call, or send a message with the CONTACT US form.

If you want a copy of the book for doing this on your own, you can grab it HERE