With more than 30 years’ worth of experience managing a brick and mortar business, Hayes Local Marketing has one thing that other marketing companies don’t have: firsthand knowledge. We’ve seen how yellow pages and newspaper ads were superseded by internet marketing technologies over the years, and we’re glad to share what we’ve learned.

That said, you should know that firsthand experience isn’t the only thing that makes us unique. In fact, we have five other key areas of strength:

We have up-to-date industry knowledge!

This is one of the things you can count us to always have. Thanks to our reliable sources, we always have the latest knowledge in the marketing industry, especially those that relate to reputation marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

How do the changes in Google’s search engine algorithms affect your website? What do the businesses that made it to the Best of Yelp list have in common? We have the answers to these questions and so much more!

We consider your needs

We insist on getting to know your business first so that we won’t get ahead of ourselves and force a marketing solution upon you that does not actually suit your business. In short, we give you exactly what you need.

We educate your staff on customer service

Throughout the many years we have spent providing top-notch reputation marketing services to various clients, we have always put an emphasis customer satisfaction. After all, a happy customer won’t be saying bad things about you online! If you need someone to teach you about how to build a company culture and wow your customers, look no further than Hayes Local Marketing!

We find other ways to promote your business

Online marketing may not necessarily be your first priority. For instance, you may need to generate some positive press about yourself first before you take on the larger internet population. We’ll exhaust every option available to promote your business.

We don’t impose any contracts

Some marketing companies treat each campaign as a mere business transaction. As such, they begin working only after a contract or a written agreement has been signed. Are you willing to put everything on hold simply because of this obstacle? We suppose not.

With Hayes Local Marketing, you’ll experience nothing of the sort. Call us at 1-708-3727253 or email hayeslocalmarketing@gmail.com so you can soon chart your path toward success.