Getting Started With Google

It just seems so simple and matter of fact that a business owner would grab any type of free advertising, don’t you think?

Then tell me why over 67% of local businesses haven’t claimed any local listing? It easy to implement and makes such a large impact on your local search results. Verifying  your listing and never doing anything else with it, (see screenshot below) is like making a Facebook Business page and leaving the listing blank.

I’m not trying to pick on Andy’s page, but almost 254 thousand visitors have seen this page with the standard default banners.

Now, look at the next screenshot. The page visitors here have viewed a fully optimized page that will draw potential customers to this business.

Oak Dental potential clients see a vibrant page, that almost 100 thousand people have seen and say, “WOW this page is amazing!”

It’s the pits if you have a page that looks like this one….

OH boy, it’s not been claimed. Search engines can’t find you!

The fact of the matter is that it’s a really big deal. Google and other search engines look for listings that match the name, address and phone number on the website and other online directories.

OK, OK I get it ….

You’re busy running your business and don’t have the time to be doing all the things that will help you grow.

I know, been there and went through that myself. Too much to do wearing all the different hats. Keeping employees and customers happy, ordering inventory and living your life.

We can do this for you!

Let our design experts help by creating your page and claiming your Google My Business listing. For a small one time fee it’ll be complete and ready for your new potential customers and of course, the search engines.