Do you really need SEO and other online marketing strategies? How will these affect your business? Can a company like Hayes Local Marketing really help your business grow? Get to know Greg Geiman, owner of Hayes Local Marketing, and the ideals behind our company so you can better appreciate the value of our online marketing services.

Living in the Present

Greg Geiman, a proud father of three and grandfather of five, has always had a high entrepreneurial spirit. He loves technology and everything to do with it. For thirty-three years, Greg worked on another passion of his: cars. His former brick-and-mortar business, an auto glass franchise, merged his two great interests and opened his eyes to the wonders of technology.

Over the years, glass technology has been nothing but amazing. Glass roofs can change color and retract to reveal the world above. Windshields now hold devices like lane departure systems, night vision equipment, and sensors that automatically turn your wipers on when it starts to rain. Although some advances seem less important than others, technology in general plays a huge part in every facet of our lives.

Marketing is no different. Aside from desktop computers or laptops, a majority of individuals use handy devices like tablets or smartphones on a daily basis. Even older people use their smart phones for texting and using Facebook, which have spurred the trend of going mobile. As a business, you should harness this technology-driven advantage whenever you’re planning your marketing strategy.

Crunching the Numbers

Did you know that 44% of people rely on their smartphone for internet access, and 66% gain that access every day? Additionally, 94% of smartphone owners search for information on a local business.

With such staggering numbers, it’s quite baffling why only 10% of local businesses have a mobile-friendly website. After purchasing a website, many companies just don’t see the value of ensuring a seamless browsing experience across virtually all devices. Others may feel overwhelmed with all the choices. We understand that frustration because we started that way, too!

At Hayes Local Marketing, we will guide you through the processes and the principles behind our services every step of the way. Give us a call at 708-372-7253, so we can talk about your goals and needs when it comes to online marketing. We’ll always be ready to start working on a plan of action for a campaign that can contribute to your business’s growth.