You’ve probably encountered a few pushy salespersons who tried—in vain—to get you to buy whatever they’re selling without first making an attempt to understand your desires and actual needs. Our owner, Greg Greiman, can certainly relate to that. In the 30 years he’s been in business, however, Greg’s encounters with these self-serving salespersons were not entirely without benefits.

For one thing, they taught Greg what NOT to do. That’s why he started Hayes Local Marketing with an intense focus on the most important element in every business transaction: customers. Indeed, we make it a point to sit down and talk with customers face to face and listen to their aspirations and business goals.

We will understand your business inside out

Before we give any recommendations or devise a marketing plan for you, we will ask you questions, get to know you, your company, and your employees. You’ll also get to know us as well, and how we can deliver your search engine, social media, and reputation marketing needs. Together, we will develop a strategy that will benefit your bottom line exactly the way you want it to.

We will help you give your customers “The Experience”

We are firm believers of creating a culture of communication with your employees. With your help, we will develop a plan that puts your employees on the same page so that they can give your customers the “The Experience”. This “Experience” is what your customers will remember, eventually turning them into loyal customers that promote your brand to their friends and leave five-star reviews on Google and other popular internet sites.

We will work from the ground up

We look first at where you are in terms of online visibility, making sure your listings are all accurate. Next, we will optimize your website and create a compelling call to action for your visitors. After that, we will put an action plan together to begin, continue, and complete what you set out to do.

Hayes Local Marketing has what it takes to incorporate your business’ unique value in your marketing. Contact us today at 1-708-3727253 or send an email to Let’s start talking about how we can help your business grow.