How to Do SEO for Content Marketing

A lot of people have bought into the erroneous belief that SEO and content marketing are two separate beasts. Perhaps that might have been partially true back in the day, these days the two are so intertwined as to be thought of concurrently.

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What is necessary now is a marriage of sorts between the two. SEO can’t exist without content, and content needs SEO to rank as well as it can.

It’s time to appreciate the sibling relationship SEO and content marketing share, and start exploiting it for your site’s success. Here are some ideas to get you started.

SEO for Content Marketing – 7 Useful Tips!

Think differently about keywords – Back in the day you were able to pound your way to the top of the search engine results by slinging in your keywords in various forms wherever you could, the more the merrier. Well, that didn’t last all that long! Now we need to create content that features your primary keyword strategically, and then leave it alone.

Still do on-page SEO – It’s still extremely important, perhaps more than ever, to make sure things like SEO title tags, Meta data, image tags and H1 tags are constructed properly.

Write for your readers! – These days Google is all about satisfying searcher intent. This means you need to write for your audience, and keep technical SEO out of the equation for the most part. Since it’s no longer required to hit X amount of keyword density on your page, that should free you up to write what you need to!

Makes sure your pages are mobile friendly – The world’s going mobile, and now more than half of all traffic is found on mobile devices. Make it your business to know that your mobile pages are good to go!

Use social media – Whether social signals count for much in the search algorithm is a widely debated topic, but one thing is certain: that’s where the people are. Employ social sharing buttons on all your content and you might find some of them!

Employ visual content – People love to watch video and look at your images. It also serves a dual purpose of keeping them on your site longer, a Google ranking signal.

Use related verbiage – In Google’s quest to serve up the best, most authoritative content possible, they are on the lookout for content that includes expert verbiage on the topic. Make sure that is you!