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How to Effectively Use Google Hangouts in Your Marketing

Now that the Google Hangout platform is perhaps not quite so scary to all of us, it’s high time we learn how we can use this very versatile tool in your small business marketing.

No need to extol the virtues of why you need to have a visual component to your content marketing. We all get that. The key point with Hangouts is that they can not only provide this, but with the ease of creating a blog post. (Almost)

The idea of creating tons of content via Hangouts that is ultimately very sharable, and has the distinct possibility of spreading far beyond your normal reach, should be a very attractive goal for all of us.

Let’s look at 7 ways we can easily utilize Google Hangouts in our business.

7 Ways to incorporate Google Hangouts into your business

Product showcasing – This is a particularly effective way to show off your new (or old) products to an audience that is presumably already interested in them. Give old products a boost and new ones an initial push into the marketplace.

Content webinars – A terrific way to expand your subscriber base as well as rewarding current followers is by having a content webinar, where you teach and inform, and make giving your primary focus here. This is perfect for a Hangout, as it’s free, as opposed to the other webinar platforms.

Product launches – If you are in the throes of launching a product, a hangout can be useful in several ways. You can use them to recruit affiliates and JV’s, demo your product, and even to help create a buzz through your Google+ circles.

Podcast live – Another cool way to kill two birds with one stone. Conducting a Hangout and then using that same audio track for a podcast you can make available for download both on your site and other places like iTunes is a good use of a Hangout.

Customer Q & A sessions – Answering customer concerns via a Hangout is very effective in two ways: one, the customer gets hands-on solutions to their problems, and two; you get to be seen and known as that authority that solves their problems. Win win…

Interviews with market leaders – This is a marvelous way to improve your own authority while expanding your customer reach is to interview leaders in your market that you admire, and who have something to offer your audience. You will be surprised how eager many of them are to do this, as it has benefits for them as well.

Regular event or show – Ever thought of hosting your own regular TV show? Now you can through the use of Google Hangouts. If your business would benefit from regular content being broadcast in this fashion, you may well want to do this. Make it an event, and brand it carefully, and watch as your audience grows.

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Social Media Posting Ideas That Get Clicks

Ultimately all of us want more clicks from our social media channels. Who want to slave over Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn and Google+ articles without some sort of return, right?

Simply posting your content isn’t enough; there needs to be some thought behind what you’re doing, and a clear intent on your part to get your desired result, or chances are you won’t.

Let’s look at 7 ways you can increase the likelihood of people clicking through from your social media pages.

7 Tips for More Social Media Clicks

Ask them to do what you want – One thing noticeably lacking in most social media posts a clear call to action directing readers to a page of their choosing. Get creative, and above all be sure and directly tell them what you want them to do, whether that is a share, click, Like or ReTweet.

Give them a reason to click – Social media is a terrific way to lead prospects and readers further down the rabbit hole. Make sure your content is enticing, valuable, and definitely worth clicking through to. Whether you’re giving something away, or revealing it on the post, always leave something more to be discovered, so as to encourage a click to your pages.

Make your landing page consistent with your message and visually exciting – When you post on your social media and entice a click elsewhere, make sure you are being consistent with your messaging, and not deceptive. Also, create a visually exciting landing page, as it definitely increases engagement.

Make the best quality post you can – This should go without saying, but the best way to increase the number of clicks that you get from your social media is by posting terrific content. If you do this, not only will you get more clicks and engagement, but they will share you as well, exponentially enlarging your reach. Also consider curating existing content that would be of specific interest and value to your audience. Be sure to add your own spin to anything you share.

Create and post great imagery – People love images and videos, and if you post interesting and compelling content you will find that they will be clicking more. Simple.

Deliver awesome value – Giving your readers a taste of your best content and consistently delivering more of the same will get you more clicks and expanded social reach. This is easy to say, but harder to so. Simply determine that you won’t settle for mediocre!

Encourage sharing – This is akin to the asking for the action discussed above. If you don’t ask for the shares, you won’t receive nearly as many as you had you done so. You never know who may end up seeing your posts, and the reach they may have.

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