Website Packages

Contact Form: Contact forms are an important way to collect prospects information without exposing your business email. This provide a professional way for your business to ask for customer’s contact details and at the same time protect the company for spamming attackers. The simple form contains up to 3 contact details, while the advanced form will allow up to 5 fields of information. Customized forms are also available.

Navigation Menu: This is the menu used as your main source of navigation for prospects. Our customizable navigation menu allows you to have more specific navigation once you add more pages to your website.

Reviews: This is currently one of the most powerful ways to provide credibility to your prospects. Reviews is the modern word of mouth. So the more reviews/testimonials you get from your customers, the more you can share on your website for others to hear what your customers are saying.

Content Management System (CMS): This is exactly what it sounds like. This is a way for you to access your content from your website and manage it. This is a simple word processor style back office that allows you to modify basic content from your pages. In the case of the Blog, this is your method of access your blogs and adding new ones. For the e-commerce site, this is how you can access your existing products and add new ones.

Blog: This is a modern way of creating news type content to your prospects, or customers. You can categorize the information you add, such as news, events, tips, etc… You are able to add blogs anytime something comes to mind. This is one of the absolute most powerful ways for you to provide more content to the world specific to your business directly through your website. The more you are able to share with the world, the more traffic you direct back to your website and therefore grow your visibility. For FREE!

Traffic Monitoring: Through advanced Internet monitoring tools we are able to track the traffic to your website even in real time. Being able to track where your visitors are coming from and specifically what pages they are searching and how long they stay, if invaluable for the tailoring of your website. You can learn more about your customers and what their interests are so that you can provide more of what they are looking for. Tracking sales pages is also an impressive tool so you know whether a sales page is working the way you expect. It’s possible you have pages you think are nice, however, aren’t doing anything you’d want them to. If virtually impossible to know without these tools.

Maintenance Rates: Recurring price for the services indicated in the chart. For the payment packages, a 12 month agreement is required so that all the features work together. After the 1st year, the maintenance package can be adjusted. You can always upgrade the maintenance package to include features from the next higher package, however none can be downgraded for the first 12 months.

Hosting/Domain: This service is required for any website to work. This is a space on the Internet server that holds all the files to your website and makes it accessible to the world. Domain renewal is also included in this service for normal domains. For higher customized domains, additional fees may apply. Regular backups and support is included with this service.

Basic Changes: 5 Basic changes per month to your website, including adding images, and content changes. (Includes HTML/CSS coding)

Reputation Management: This includes the Reputation Builders package to automatically build reviews by reaching out to your customers while filtering positive and negative reviews prior to posting to the Internet. System automatically posts to Facebook, Google+, and other social media sites. Learn More…

One-Time Payment: This is the cost required to avoid any monthly fees and no strings attached for your website. All maintenance services will be good for 1 year.