“Your One Stop Local Mailing Shop”

What is Nickel Marketing? 

It is a fun, affordable, and effective way to advertise in the area in which you do business.  We design, print, and get your irresistible offer right where it needs to be, in the consumers hands – sent directly to their mailbox.  Our goal is to bring excitement back to consumers looking for great local deals.

When you advertise with us, shoppers will not have to scour the internet to find your good deal nor will they have to turn page after page of a black and white tiny coupon book.  We will get your ad right to the consumer in a way they are sure to notice you.  In full color and on the JUMBO NICKEL MARKETING SAVINGS CARD and when we say “JUMBO”, that is what we mean.  How does 15″ x 12″ seem to you?

Nickel Marketing was created to be the missing delivery method and to be a great connection from the local business to the shoppers in their area.  Our main goal is to stimulate the local economy and Nickel Marketing addresses a very important question, “What’s in it for me?”.  For the shoppers, an irresistible offer delivered right to their mailbox in a very BIG and colorful way.  For the local businesses, they can advertise for 5 cents to 5000/10,000 households right where they do business, in a way like they never have before.  Nickel Marketing is focused on getting you results!  Our current economical state has increased the use of coupons by shoppers and everyone is looking for a good deal.

Do you have an irresistible offer?

All of our packages can be combined with a “Complete Advertising System” to save you even more money and maximize your marketing campaign.  This kind of system  is invaluable to your business and will give you what the other popular coupon companies don’t give you, a way to capture customer leads, allowing you to have full and permanent control of your marketing.

Nickel Marketing has combined several effective marketing strategies to bring you one of the most cost-effective marketing methods out there.  It’s a clever delivery method, to help businesses be seen by local shoppers.  Make your next marketing campaign with Nickel Marketing and let us save you every nickel we can.

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