While the Internet is integral to daily life, there’s no question that its impact on the environment hasn’t been entirely positive. This is why organizations like Greenpeace are always searching for internet companies that take up their corporate responsibility to the environment seriously, specifically by minimizing emissions, managing waste, and creating other green initiatives. As of April 2014, Google, Apple, and Facebook are examples of such entities eager to build a greener world.

Some internet marketing firms have performed their corporate responsibilities way earlier than that. For instance, we at Hayes Local Marketing have accepted this responsibility way back in 1994, thanks to the efforts of our founder, Greg Gaiman.

One can say that it runs in the blood. Due to his experiences running an auto glass repair business in 1981, Greg has always made it a point to recycle trash and “useless” junk whenever possible (and within reason). So when his older daughter Becky got enrolled in the prestigious Polaris School for Individual Education in Oak Lawn, he helped her implement a recycling program on campus. This mindset has carried on to her family.

Fast forward to the present, Becky is now married to a wind farm developer in Illinois who is involved in the push to make the state’s energy industry more environmentally friendly. One such initiative is Power for Change by North American Power, which Greg is so eager to share to everyone. Without going into specifics, this initiative has allowed thousands of homeowners to save money on their children’s education, pay their creditors, and live with fewer financial risks simply by supporting the right power company, and in turn, helping to create a cleaner, greener world.

Greg hopes that in his own little way, local businesses in Oak Lawn won’t have to deal with the pollution from nearby cities. Saving the environment may not directly lead to higher revenues, but it can definitely help build a healthier, safer, and more sustainable business environment.

Want to learn more about Greg’s green efforts? Give him a call at 1-708-3727253 or email us at hayeslocalmarketing@gmail.com. You can rest easy, knowing that there’s at least one internet marketing company that values the environment and your health as well as the growth of your business: Hayes Local Marketing.