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Report: The future of paid-search marketing is machine learning and AI

Machine learning-optimized campaigns saw 71 percent better conversion rates and lower CPCs than those not using it.

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Launching Call-to-Action Units for Instant Articles | Facebook Media

By Josh Roberts, Product Manager As part of the Facebook Journalism Project, we’ve been in ongoing conversations with a number of publishers about opportunities to extend the business value of Instant Articles. Across the board, publishers want to have more…

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Skimlinks has figured out how publishers could unshackle themselves from Facebook | TechCrunch

The conventional thinking about profiling online users is that Facebook (in particular) has enormous amounts of profile data about your tastes, while Amazon..

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Marketers Beware: You Are Destroying the Most Valuable Media Channel | HuffPost

We have known for decades that word of mouth from a trusted source is the most valuable media channel in the marketing mix. A brand endorsement can come …

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4 Reasons Paid Search Should Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy
At this point, it’s hard to deny that inbound marketing should be playing a central role in your marketing strategy.
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